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Intersex 101:


Media: ➢ Faking It: ➢ “Are We Witnessing the Birth of TV’s Intersex Liberation?” by Diane Anderson-Minshall: vs-intersex-liberation ➢ “The Significance of MTV’s Intersex Representation” by Pidgeon Pagonis: ➢ “Bias Against Intersex Olympics Athletes Is What’s Unfair – Not These Athletes’ Bodies” by Pidgeon Pagonis and Georgiann Davis: ➢ “Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex” by Susan Miller: y-odiele-reveals-she-intersex/96622908/ ➢ “What Hanne Gaby Odiele Means For Intersex People – Like Me” by Susannah Temko: 85952.html ➢ “What Is Intersex?”: ie-couric/videos/what-is-intersex/ ➢ Media Guide: Covering the Intersex Community: GUIDE-interACT.pdf Reports, Pamphlets, and PDFs: ➢ “I Want to Be Like Nature Made Me” Medically Unnecessary Surgeries on Intersex Children in the US: lly-unnecessary-surgeries-intersex-children-us Axel Keating | October 2017 ➢ Normalizing Intersex: pdf ➢ Standing Up for the Human Rights of Intersex People: _ally_a_toolkit_for_ngos_and_decision_makers_december_2015_updated. pdf ➢ Intersex Stories and Statistics from Australia: tatistics-Australia.pdf ➢ Darlington Statement: ➢ We Are Real Report: eaWeAreRealReport.pdf ➢ What We Wish Our Doctors Knew: ACT-Doctors-final-web.pdf ➢ What We Wish Our Parents Knew: ACT-Parents-final-web.pdf ➢ What We Wish Our Friends Knew: ACT-Friends-final-web.pdf Blogs: ➢ interACT Youth: ➢ Intersex Roadshow: ➢ Claudia Astorino at Everyone is Gay: ➢ Full Frontal Activism: Intersex and Awesome: ➢ Pidgeon Pagonis: ➢ Lynnell Stephani Long: ➢ Hida Viloria: Axel Keating | October 2017 Books: ➢ Contesting Intersex: The Dubious Diagnosis by Georgiann Davis (Supplemental Teaching Guide: ➢ Fixing Sex by Katrina Karkazis ➢ Making Sense of Intersex by Ellen K. Feder ➢ Bodies in Doubt by Elizabeth Reis ➢ Intersex and Identity by Sharon Preves ➢ Intersex: A Perilous Difference by Morgan Holmes ➢ Critical Intersex edited by Morgan Holmes ➢ Intersex in the Age of Ethics edited by Alice Dreger Videos: ➢ What It’s Like to be Intersex | Buzzfeed: ➢ What Do People Know About Being Intersex? | Buzzfeed: ➢ Intersexperiences with Emily Quinn: ➢ Intersex Stories (Not Surgeries) with Pidgeon: ➢ The Interface Project: ➢ Growing Up Intersex | First Person #18 | PBS Digital Studios: ➢ 36 Revolutions of Change | Sean Saifa Wall | TEDxGrandRapids: Xe ➢ Y Chromosomes and the Women Who Have Them: Intersex and Biology Beyond Binary: Bvy7a-TNBfyDaMPOIZaqjk2&t=4s ➢ Intersex People and the Physics of Judgment | Cecelia McDonald | TEDxBoulder: ➢ A Mini-Lecture from Georgiann Davis: ➢ This Girl Has Balls | Georgiann Davis | TEDxUNLV : Axel Keating | October 2017 ➢ We Are Here: Intersex Youth: Cwy-DBvy7a-TNBfyDaMPOIZaqjk2 ➢ interACT Youth: Intersex Athletes in the Olympics: ➢ interact Youth Bathroom Bills Video: -DBvy7a-TNBfyDaMPOIZaqjk2 ➢ The Spectrum: Intersex: ○ 90e69cde2d ○ ele-nyc_us_58891efde4b00e390aed4234 ➢ UN Free & Equal: Intersex Awareness: 9gB167NBiib14O4jljgka6Dp ➢ Human Rights Watch and interACT Intersex Feature Video: ➢ What Was Done To These Intersex People Was Not Okay | Teen Vogue: 9gB167NBiib14O4jljgka6Dp&t=5s ➢ Model Hanne Gaby on What It’s Like to Be Intersex | Teen Vogue: b14O4jljgka6Dp&index=4 Movies & Short Films: ➢ The Son I Never Had, Pidgeon Pagonis – ➢ Mami Y Yo Y Mi Gallito, Arisleyda Dilone – ➢ Intersexion – ➢ Gender Revolution – ie-couric/ Axel Keating | October 2017 International Human Rights Statements: ➢ ➢ United Nations for Intersex Awareness – Free & Equal: Additional Intersex Resource Topics (Ethics of Surgery and Decision Making, Legal Issues and Decisions, etc.): ➢ Research Policy: ➢ interACT Policy on Participation in Research: rch/ ➢ AIS-DSD Support Group Research Policy: ➢ OII Australia: Intersex Organizations: ➢ Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of resources, but is meant as a guide for information and future research. Inclusion of any content should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation. Exercise care and skill regarding the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of the information at these sites.